Filson Soft Sided Cooler

Cooler/bag from Filson. Lifetime guarantee.

$ 275.00

Filson Guide Shirt

Filson guide shirt with Alaskan Brewing Company logo. Comes in red, blue, and green flannel. Men's sizing.

$ 125.00

Alaskan Brewing 5 Panel Wool Cap

Alaskan Brewing partnered with Filson to bring you this 5 panel wool cap. Meant to last, this cap fits all shapes and sizes. Wool. Available in Charcoal and Buffalo Plaid.

$ 75.00

Light Weight Alaskan Guide Shirt

From Filson we have a light weight Alaskan Guide shirt with Alaskan Brewing Co logo. Comes in orange plaid.

$ 115.00

Vintage Flannel Work Shirt

Vintage Filson flannel work shirt. Comes in Red Tartan.

$ 135.00